LAU Innovate

LAU Innovate is the one-stop shop for entrepreneurs and innovators to transform their ideas into successful businesses.

LAU Innovate operates at the LAU Fouad Makhzoumi Innovation Center (LAU FMIC) which provides all LAU stakeholders with an all-inclusive incubation hub. The center aims at fostering entrepreneurship endeavors and transforming ideas into sustainable businesses.

Throughout our programs, we work closely with our startups on raising basic entrepreneurship awareness, defining a target market, finding product-market fit, and getting first validation for the startups. We are also instrumental in helping entrepreneurs prepare for investor meetings, thereby guiding them throughout the whole product development process.




Unlike traditional innovation centers, LAU Innovate offers programs that constantly evolve to keep pace with the dynamics of technological advancements.

LAU Spark

A full-suite university-based startup accelerator for students, faculty, researchers, staff, and LAU alumni.

LAU Innovatus

A technology transfer and research commercialization program that allows STEM researchers to optimize their intellectual property, advancing scientific inventions toward products of benefit to the society’s greater good.